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Red lentils: Plain

Red Lentils (aka Rose Lentils, Masoor Dal), plain, cooked 

This dish is the main part of many vegan meals. Prepare this dish and store it in small containers in the 
frig or freezer for regular use. One cup of dried red lentils beans has nearly 50 grams of protein and costs 
about $0.50.

Time-to-eat by cooking on the stove top 20 minutes

 1 cup red lentils  
 (These are a beautiful rose color because the green skin  has been removed.)
 3 cups tap water

Step-by-step directions  

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1 Measure, sift, and rinse lentils.

2 Stove top, not-soaked method: 
   In a large pot cook lentils with    
   about 3 cups tap water for about 
   20 minutes or until mushy. 
   Monitor water content along 
   the way.

3 Once the red lentils are fully
   cooked and mushy, use the
   cooked red lentils in a recipe 
   and/or store it in small amounts in
   the freezer or in the frig for future use.

This "ingredient" or dish is the base of many vegan recipes. 

See the recipes that call for plain cooked mung beans and use this recipe to get this "ingredient".

I always bag up my cooked legumes and freeze them for other times.