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Red kidney beans using a pressure cooker

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How to cook dried red kidney beans using a pressure cooker

1-16 oz. bag of dried Red Kidney Beans (judías rojas) about $2.50.
Directions for cooking using a pressure cooker    

1. Sift beans for stones                    
2. Rinse beans 
3. Put 1/2 cup beans in pressure cooker all alone with water
4. Put 3 cups tap water
5. Bring pot to a boil

6. Put on medium to low heat for about 45 min
7. Let pressure cooker cool down naturally 
8. Cook beans in your favorite recipe and/or 
9. Bag and freeze the rest for another day
10. Discard water outside for birds and plants

The biggest conundrum people face when cooking legumes for the first time is that the legumes often don't feel "cooked" despite them having been cooked for, what seems like, hours. This could be because tomatoes, lemon juice, salt, and/or something acidic may have been introduced to the legumes before they were actually done cooking. The acidity in the tomatoes or lemon juice STOPS legumes from becoming tender. The acidic ingredients interact with the skins of the legumes and it makes them tough regardless of the amount of time you've been cooking them. So cook your legumes all alone in water until they're completely mushy then add your spices and veggies.