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Wheat: Oopma (Upma)

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Cream of wheat meal

Oopma or upma

This lunch or dinner for four people costs about $2 and has about 16 grams of protein.

Time-to-eat by cooking on the stove top 30 minutes.

Printout instructions are below. 

Ingredients                 Boe Devi's Indian "base" (see lesson on What's your "base"?)
 1 cup cream of wheat or sooji          1 teaspoon mustard seeds
 6 cups boiling tap water           1 teaspoon cumin seeds
 1/2 medium-sized onion, chopped   1 teaspoon black gram
 2 inches fresh ginger, diced             1 tablespoon channa dal
 1 cup frozen peas                            2 red chilies
 3 tablespoons oil                              1/8 teaspoon asoefatida (hing)
                                                           a few curry leaves

Step-by-step directions

1 In a pot with about 6 cups of boiling water, pour the frozen peas. Boil lightly.

2 In another pot, dry roast the cream of wheat (or sooji/ farina) on a low heat.
   Be careful it burns easily. Stir frequently.

3 In another small frying pan, fry onion and ginger in oil and set aside in a bowl. Add more
   oil in the small frying pan and fry the mustard seeds (covering with a lid) until they pop,
   set aside in the bowl. Now fry up remaining ingredients together.

4 Add all of these ingredients EXCEPT for the cream of wheat to the pot with the boiling
   water and peas.

5 For safety purposes, have the lid and dish towels nearby. Turn heat DOWN.
   Adding one hot item into a pot with another hot item can cause an explosion. So be ready
   to cover the pot.

6 Slowly add the boiling water into the cream of wheat pot stirring constantly, preferably
   using a whisk. Try to get the lumps out as you're doing this. Don't use all the water.
   Check texture as you add water. Scoop out the veggies from the water and put them into
   the cream of wheat mixture. Keep stirring with the lid nearby.

7 Add salt. Bring to the right consistency for yourself. Drizzle a little oil over the top just
   before serving, if you like.

8 Serve hot.

9 This dish refrigerates or freezes and reheats well.

*By "base" I mean that this combination of ingredients is what I put in nearly all of my Indian meals. I also have an Italian "base". You should come up with your own "bases" for your different meals. Once you find your favorite base, just write it down and use it over and over again.) 

This meal would go well with Chutney or Indian pickles

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