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Mashed potatoes

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Time to eat: 40 minutes
Ingredients: Water, salt, two potatoes per person
Optional ingredients: fried onions, hot sauce, soy sauce, other various sauces
1.   wash potatoes 
2.   cut up potatoes  
3.   put into glass bowl cover completely with 
4.   cook in microwave (if you have one)
5.   if no microwave, put into pot and cover with 
      water; add salt 
6.   when potatoes are soft to the touch (about 
      20 minutes), drain out water into a bowl to 
      save to later use 
5.   mash potatoes with a special hand tool or 
      use a blender to mash until mushy
6.   adjust salt content.
7.   serve hot with other dish

Mashed potatoes in about 20 minutes.
Less than $1 per person.

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About 2 potatoes per person
Oil - canola

1.     Wash potatoes
2.     Cut potatoes into cubes or any shape 
3.     Boil cut potatoes on stove or in
4.  Once potatoes seem to be fully cooked 
     transfer to a pot (if you were cooking 
     them in the microwave at first) and keep 
     cooking on medium high
5.  Once potatoes are falling apart add about
     1 teaspoon salt for every two potatoes
6.  Drain hot water from pot into a cup or 
     bowl for later use in broths, etc. (or 
     drink now as is - it's delish)
7.  Mash potatoes with the back of a large spoon. 
8.  Drizzle oil over top just before serving to replace the effect of butter

Optional ingredients: Stir in fried onions, green peppers, and/or sliced mushrooms.
We'd love to see pictures of how this recipe turned out for you.