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Lesson 47. Red lentil recipes

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Watch these videos and adapt the recipe to using your own spices. Keep notes of what you do and do not like.  

Red lentils and mung beans are the fastest cooking lentils. They make great stews, soups, gravies, and other dishes. If you only learn some recipes using red lentils or mung beans, you'll be fine for the rest of your life. 

Practice making red lentils using some of your own ingredients. To get some examples, enjoy the recipes below.

Ghee is clarified butter. We would never use that. We'd use oil instead.

Of course, we would never use ghee, clarified butter. Instead you may use coconut or some other oil or no oil at all. 

Red lentils are also known as massoor daal. Use your own ingredients with this recipe.

Of course, we'd never use butter. Use your own spices.

Don't worry about using all the spices she uses. Just use a few that you already have at home.