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Green Pea: Stew

Green Peas Stew using a slow-cooker

Your time making this dish: 20 minutes.
Slow cooker will work during the night or during the day when you’re at work. 
Cost is less than US $3.00  for four people.
(This recipe also cooks quickly in a regular pot on the stove top. It takes about 50 minutes. Dried green peas cook quickly.)


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2 cups dried whole or split green peas  
8 cups tap water
1 large onion, diced
1 ts thyme  
2 red chilies (call out “2 red sharks” when serving your guests)
Oil, salt 

Optional: Handful of dried baby lima beans or cooked dried baby lima beans from your freezer. It gives the green peas some texture. 

Step 1: Cook beans in water alone
The trick to cooking all legumes is to cook them ALONE in tap water until they are fully cooked. 
Cooking them with salt or any other ingredient will cause the skins to tighten and it will not let the water get inside the beans and cook. 
The legume will stay hard as rock no matter how long you cook them. 

Saturday 9.20 pm 
Here I show that I’m starting the slow-cooker in the evening and I’ll finish the dish in the morning. 
I happen to be making two other meals at the same time. 

Step 2 takes 15 minutes
In a frying pan with about 3 tbs oil, caramelize (fry up until golden brown) the diced onion and salt. To make the onions brown, make sure you add the salt when frying them. 

When there are leafy-spices like thyme, I like to fry them up separately in a little oil. It helps to disseminate the flavor. You should always fry up your spices separately in a little oil to get the most taste to spread throughout your dish.
Use any ingredients you like in this fried mix.
Set fried items aside until green peas are done in 4 hours in the slow-cooker or in one hour on the stove top. 

Do frying at night or in morning 
You can fry up the onions and other ingredients when you’ve put the beans in the slow-cooker to start cooking. Then put the cooled fry pan into the frig over night, if you like. You can also fry up the onions, etc., in the morning when the beans have been cooking all night. It makes no difference when you fry the onions and other ingredients. 

Sunday 7.35 am 
Whole green peas have been cooking all night. They’re done. 
Add the caramelized (browned) onion and thyme to the cooked beans.  
Heat the concoction and adjust salt and other seasonings now.
Be sure to call out: “Two red sharks” when serving this meal so everyone will know what to look for so they don’t bite on them!

Step 3 takes 10 minutes
Once beans are mushy enough for your taste, stir them into the fry pan until the proportion of beans to browned-onion medley is right for you.
Put remaining cooked peas into small bags and freeze.
To thicken the stew, smash some peas and their starch will thicken the meal. Continue to cook until it’s thick enough.

Serve with rice, potatoes, or grains. 

Thanks for watching!
Use this same method for cooking different types of legumes when using a slow-cooker. 

Please send your feedback and pictures. 
I’ll post them on the Vegan Recipe Exchange tab of www.VeganCookingLessons.Org
Call out the number of red or green sharks you’ve used in every meal so your guests will know how many chilies to look for.
Love and peace, Boe@VeganCookingLessons.Org

Boe Devi,
Feb 8, 2015, 7:29 AM