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Chick Pea: Soup or Stew

If you make this stew in a crock pot, it'll take less than 20 minutes of your time to make since it'll be cooking on its own for about four hours. If you cook it on the stove top, you'll have to watch and stir it from time to time. Slow down slide show by clicking on it and using your arrows buttons.  Updated 6.14.16 

Chick Peas Stew aka Garbanzos using a slow-cooker Recipe printout is way below. Scroll down.

Your time making this dish: 30 minutes.

Slow cooker will work during the night or during the day when you’re at work.
Cost is less than US $3.00 for four people.

2 cups dried garbanzo beans aka chick peas
8 cups tap water
1 large onion, diced
14 oz diced or crushed tomato (~ ½ large can)
¼ cup diced fresh ginger
2 red chilies (aka 2 red sharks when serving your guests)
Oil, salt

Optional: Handful of chopped coriander (the most expensive part of this dish!) Add coriander if you like. Serve with rice, potatoes, or grains.

~Rinse garbanzo beans and put in a slow cooker with 8 cups tap water. Cook on high. 
~All beans and lentils should cook COMPLETELY ALONE in water until they are completely mushy.*
~in a frying pan, fry diced onion, ginger, salt until golden brown. Add any other spices you like and fry those.**
~Stir crushed tomato into the fried onion mixture. Cook a little to get raw taste away. 
~Set aside until garbanzos are fully cooked in the slow cooker or pot.
~Once garbanzos are mushy enough for your taste, add in fried onion mixture.
~Add salt now. 

*Beans, lentils, and peas have a skin. The skin gets tight if it meets up with salt, tomato, or other ingredients. When this happens, the inside of the bean does not get cooked. The beans will be rock hard even though you've cooked them for many hours. This is why you need to cook all beans alone in water until they are fully cooked. Once they are fully cooked, add your other ingredients. 

**Oil is the great disseminator of spices. So when you add spices to any dish, fry the spices separately in some oil and then add them to the stew, soup, or sauce. The spices will seem more flavorful this way too. 

Use this same method for cooking different types of legumes when using a slow-cooker. Questions: Info@VeganCookingLessons.Org

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