Lesson 1. Cooking safety lesson

In this lesson, you will learn some safety procedures when cooking.  

This lesson to learn some how to practice mostly grease-fire safety precautions.  


If you read only one thing: NEVER EVER leave something cooking on the stove unsupervised. (We speak from experience.) A pan with a little oil it in can bring a whole house down in a few minutes. If you're distracted, turn the burners off (no matter how late you are in getting food on the table and no matter how little time you think you'll be stepping away. TURN THE BURNERS OFF and attend to your matters.

Here are the safety websites where I learned important things. 

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 - updated November 12, 2018

Tips to help prevent, fight kitchen fires

- updated November 2018

Putting out kitchen grease fires

 - updated November 12, 2018

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Home Safety Council video on preventing kitchen fires

 - updated November 2018

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- updated November 2018

Checklist for avoiding and managing a grease fire:

Never leave a cooking pot or pan unattended
Have wet dishrags nearby
Have lid nearby
Baking soda
Fire extinguisher nearby

Watch pets who get underfoot in the kitchen. While we encourage you to involve children in your food preparations, keep them away from the stove and sharp knives. Develop awareness in the home about the importance of being safe while cooking. 
Practice safety at all times by becoming an expert in safety procedures. While these instructions are general, learn some particular processes for your own home and cooking environment.

What to do if you get a burn from cooking.
Also consider having a medical kit nearby for burns. I personally have an aloe plant that I use for burns. 

No medical advice 
We're just cookers, teachers, animal lovers, and eaters. We don't have any medical advice to share. 

This lesson is done.

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