Wonder Women

Create Bully-Free Zones Naturally! 

Rose Galacz-Weir is an anmial-saver in Toronto. She speaks up for the animals every chance and every way she can. The symbol in her hair is for Direct Action Everywhere, DXE. They speak up for animals all around the world. 

Katie Barber 9.19.1512004149_10153274265968650_8449874716287004362_n

This warrior has changed the world for the better. She's shown us how the cows, pigs, and chickens feel when they go to slaughter. She's shared their tears with us - made us cry too. Her pictures have made us want so much to wipe their noses and clean their chins and sooth their fears. We can't do that. Instead we become warriors ourselves so we can help end the holocaust a little sooner than the meat producers would like us to. Please don't turn away. Listen to their cries and go vegan today. Thank you Agnes Cseke​. 

Kerstin Alf Balu Jung 2.20.15 10991127_615460285254485_7269068082698498133_n

Nadine Leblanc here loading up the car with kale for the horses. Photo Rob Boisvert. See Horse-Savers for more beautiful images. 

RaRa with pBlizzard January 2015. (pBlizzard shares his home with RaRa, her husband, and two beautiful animal-saving children (see them at YLove1.com or http://ylove1.com/)

RaRa with bBlizzard. 

Sherry says "she kissed a boy and like it". Who wouldn't love to kiss Rooty. 
Sherry Brown on FB and Rooty 8.11.14 10384846_10203574989847366_6249948903168913936_n

Vikki rescues kittens and nurses them to health. Then she takes them to adoption events. Sometimes she gets "stuck" with a cat that doesn't get adopted. They call this a "failed foster". Phantom, the little kitty below is a "failed foster" - yeah right! Let all failures be like Phantom.  

Happy faces of adoption
From Facebook's Page Empty Cages Worldwide with The happy faces of adoption! — with S Janoski, R G Heck, B Perrin 10.6.13 1375295_426065287500161_278116945_ne

More of Meatball with his animal activist
From Facebook's page Tali Zusmanovitz 10.4.13 

Meatball kisses with his animal activist
From Facebook's page Tali Zusmanovitz 10.4.13 

Rita Miljo - an incredible woman who saved thousands of baby baboons and reintroduced them into the wild, until her death in July 2012, at 81 years old. 
From Facebook's page Changing the definition of murder to include animals 9.14.13 1239908_596280747095955_55112513_n

The mother of this calf died while giving birth. The lady owner had since been taking care of him.
From Facebook's page Amogh Talan 9.1.13 1184830_155256444669633_1463147218_n

From Facebook's page Veggie Love Planet 5.27.13 420088_551046024948214_537735638_n

Mercedes De Windt 5.13.12 403420_3751397979984_845803325_n
My childhood girlfriend, Mercedes, travels all over St. Maarten every weekend to medicate, feed, and save animals. Mercedes feels so strongly about helping animals that she wrote to the new King of The Netherlands, Willem-Alexander and asked him to stop using a fur coat in his official duties. 

Mercedes De Windt 5.13.12 403420_3751397979984_845803325_n

Mercedes De Windt 5.13.12 554769_3751403100112_1403990619_n

Mercedes De Windt 5.13.12 523889_3751406460196_1362061330_n

Christian Chalifour Those Who Love their Children 4.22.13 photo 540679_641714755854399_831903962_n

From Facebook's Animals Australia page 3.2.2013  535567_10151762199205299_1148335781_n
An extraordinary rescue operation unfolded in Gympie this week when a local woman discovered a lungfish stranded in a flooded hotel car park.

This remarkable act of human kindness was captured on camera as Sasha Ambrose gently carried the rare Queensland freshwater fish to the safety of deeper water.

This is one tiny glimpse into an epic story of survival. Lungfish are among the longest survivin
g vertebrate species on the planet — they swam in ancient streams alongside dinosaurs, millions of years before humans walked the Earth!

Fish are fascinating beings who sense pain and fear just like other animals. But today, the oceans are under increasing threat. You too can be a friend to fish — learn more & take action at:www.AnimalsAustralia.org/fish

Animal Liberatation Worldwide on Facebook 1.15.13 150961_459799037411256_1122487448_n

WWW C-A-L-F on Facebook 1.12.13  385193_562658407077511_2062483189_n

WWW C-A-L-F on Facebook 2.2.13 Leo 385193_562658407077511_2062483189_n

Photo from Facebook's page PET Lover 8.2.12 313191_10151167741680739_843338935_n

Photo from Facebook's page Helped by Animals 8.20.12 547093_379026875504110_258425082_n

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Photo from Facebook's page Animal Liberation Unite 10.8.12 539408_358882710866442_1426512231_n