May 2015

Scroll down to see ways to help cows. We hope you enjoy them. Please don't eat, drink, or wear anything coming from the cows. They need every bit of it.

Photo: Agnes Cseke 

Rob Boisvert and his bff Boobie at Refuge-RR

Michael Sizer, a photographer, devotes much of his time bearing witness to the thousands of animals going to slaughter every day in Canada. Michael documents the vigils through pictures. He and his wife Alison volunteer much of their time to the Wishing Well Sanctuary in Canada. Photo by Vanessa Sarges.  

This is Ashli. He and his brother, Norman, were rescued by S. Morris. They both reside at Wishing Well. Ashli has a special attraction to Michael. He regularly licks his beard. We think he's grooming Michael. What a special feeling for both. Photo by Vanessa Sarges.  

There's a group of animal savers in India. They call themselves Guardians of the Voiceless. Please call them from all over to help. They help any and all animals. Here they are taking care of a baby bull. He's going to a hospital now for care and shelter from the busy streets of India. They often follow up with pictures when the animal has gotten better. Let's hope this baby bull will make it. 

From Facebook's page Pankaj Arora 8.19.14 10418965_424977857639899_2343017175909370368_n

From Facebook's page Pankaj Arora 8.19.14 10418965_424977857639899_2343017175909370368_n

From Facebook's page Pankaj Arora 8.19.14 0636227_424980454306306_4381732283382697714_n

From Facebook's page Pankaj Arora 8.19.14  10574452_424981034306248_1860897169340811386_n

From Facebook's page Pankaj Arora 8.19.14 10614120_424982010972817_749520751317412877_n

Rob Animalrightsnow Boisvert 1896968_520812604717285_3466468664547395313_n

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December 25, 2012 
Adorable video posted by thegracefoundation on YouTube.

From Facebook's page The Bloody Dairy Industry 5.8.13 
From Facebook's page The Bloody Dairy Industry 5.14.13 

From Facebook's page The Bloody Dairy Industry 5.16.13 222011_374998369273374_1892721610_n

Lakshmi Cow Sanctuary in Bangor, Pennsylvania, USA, had a death in the family. See the obituary below.

The Story of Bharathi, a beautiful, gentle cow...may she rest in peace:

She was purchased at a slaughterhouse auction. She was approximately 8-10 years old. We do not know where she came from but presume she was from a dairy farm, where she was repeatedly impregnated in order to keep her milk production at maximal level. Her offspring, male would have been sent to the veal industry and females would have been kept on the dairy farm so they could follow in their mother’s footsteps. Either way, her babies were taken from her within minutes of birth. After enduring this lifestyle for years, when she was no longer able to maximally produce milk, she was sent to the slaughterhouse and sold to the highest bidder. Her fate was to be converted into a poor quality “food” product in the most merciless manner, however a pair of kind and good-hearted people purchased her. Dr. Sastri and his friend, Kamala Motihar, won the auction with a bid for $1,300.00. That is what Bharathi’s life was worth to the beef industry. 

Bharathi was immediately brought to Lakshmi Cow and Animal Sanctuary after her purchase. She was very scared and timid upon her arrival, she had learned to mistrust and fear humans. Bharathi spent most of her time at the back of her stall and only came out to feed. Eventually, after about 6 months, Bharathi grew to trust the humans at the sanctuary and she started to feel safe. She observed how content and calm the other cows around her were and, slowly, her confidence and sense of security grew. Bharathi and the other cows roamed freely in the pastures and, almost like Dr. Sastri’s former students, they promptly arrived at meal times and stood in their self designated spots, patiently waiting for their food to arrive. They enjoyed being groomed and the special treats Dr. Sastri gave them – apples, bananas and occasionally biscuits.

A year and half after her arrival, Bharathi gave birth to a calf, a boy named Vedanta. This time, Bharathi remained with her son. She was able to fully bond with her baby and experience the strong maternal bond cows are known to feel towards their calves. Bharathi and Vedanta spent all their time together, as most mothers’ do with their infant child. They slept in the same stall, they shared their meals and roamed and played in the pasture together. Vedanta was a very luck calf indeed; he has known pure love since his birth.

Years went by and Bharathi grew older. She became slower and wiser. The other animals on the sanctuary recognized her calming nature. The chickens, cats and other cows were often seen with her – sitting, walking or just spending time together. One day last week, Bharathi came for her evening meal. She feasted on grains and Dr. Sastri had apples for all the cows. She savored her meal, enjoyed her apple and then went off to the back of the pasture. Jesus, Edie (regular volunteers at the sanctuary) and Dr. Sastri noticed the other cows were gathered around something. They went to investigate and as they approached closer the other cows dispersed; they found Bharathi lying on the ground…motionless. She had a blank stare in her eyes and her chest did not move to show any signs of respiration. She had left this world. Dr. Sastri, Jesus and Edie prepared to cremate Bharathi’s body, as they started the cremation, the other cows mooed and continued to audibly express themselves for about 10 minutes till they quieted down on their own. They were mourning the loss of their companion.

There is so much we can learn from these large, gentle giants. They have the ability to express and feel an extremely deep sense of love, they socialize and form friendships, they love to problem solve, they have complex thought patterns and they mourn the loss of a member of their society. Cows are known to stay with each other at times of sickness. When one cow is dying, all the other cows are known to gather around the dying member to provide comfort. They are so similar to humans and yet we treat them so inhumanely. Bharathi’s early life was probably not a happy one but her last 10-11 years were filled with immense love, respect, joy and peace…what all beings desire to feel.

Dear Bharathi, you continue to live in the hearts and memories of all members of Lakshmi Cow and Animal Sanctuary.


Cow meat substitutes  


To to to search for "Vegan" and "Not Tested on Animal" products. 

Scroll down to see videos and pictures of our beloved cows. I hope you save one today. 

WW People for the Cattle in India (PFCI) on Facebook 1.14.13 480556_143873142435686_2035701995_n (1)

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Watch this adorable video of a boxer puppy being met with a herd of curious cows posted by LucydiamondBoxer1.

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Not sure if cows feel anything? 
Watch this non-graphic video of a cow crying.

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Not sure if cows feel bored? Watch this 5-minute, non-graphic video of dairy cows in a barn at their milking stations as posted by a group called Animals' Angels on April 27, 2011. Two years later, I wonder if those cows are still there? 

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Watch a video of me with some cows at the Lakshmi Cow Sanctuary in April 2013. 

Photo from Facebook's page CCTV for ALL Slaughterhouses 11.3.2012 530782_435081303215148_20123367_n

From Facebook's page C-A-L-F 2.26.12 Diane Cortright Mueller 423317_379022895441064_472459647_n

Photo from Facebook's page Campaign Against Speciesism 10.30.2012 407619_299649906807316_661786417_n

Photo from Facebook's page Campaign Against Speciesism 11.1.2012 46253_300337266738580_1762344694_n

From Facebook's page C-A-L-F 2.26.12 Diane Cortright Mueller 408107_379024412107579_2122921963_n

From Facebook’s page CCTV for ALL Slaughterhouses 11.22.2012 486148_442118032511475_1134534355_n

Photo from Facebooks' page Changing the definition of murder to include animals 11.15.12 564039_440094862714545_1216014765_n

Milk is for baby cows - not baby humans. 

The picture is from Facebook. We need to find the photo's info and paste it here to identify the proper owner.