August 16, 2014   

Scroll down to see dozens of pig-meat substitutes and more adorable pictures and videos. We hope you enjoy them. Please don't eat, drink, or wear anything coming from cows. They need every bit of it. 

Mercy for Animals 5.13.2014 1902053_10152220445559475_3314881480285373414_n

From Facebook's page Atul Sarin Anu R
abha and Rama 6.14.13 1012620_10151499306376523_1367210967_n

A horrified calf in a de-horning device. 
From Facebook's page Animal Freedom Fighter 5.15.14 10170991_1495681923984007_8741921901088682834_n

YouTube Video

Beautiful video - enjoy!  

Watch a calf's happy dance. She is C-A-L-F's latest rescue. While the calf does her happy dance as posted on YouTube, we have tears of joy. (We hope to be able to insert the link later. It's not working right now.)

From Facebook's page The Bloody Dairy Industry 5.6.13 41268_371881006251777_254871939_n

From Facebook's page The Bloody Dairy Industry 5.17.13 263364_375274182579126_642275438_n

The only way to save a calf is by not eating any animal products including dairy. 

Milk replacers   

1. Hemp Milk by Tempt ORIGINAL(Trader Joe’s)
2. Almond milk by Blue Diamond ORIGINAL (Superfresh and others)
3. Almond milk by Silk ORIGINAL (Superfresh and others)
4. Coconut milk by Silk ORIGINAL (Superfresh and others)
5. Soy milk
6. Rice milk

Below is a link to dairy substitutes, I mean, calf-saving products. filter=smart+balance#!rf%3D%26rf%3D%26rf%3D%26rf%3D19%26cat%3D255789%26page%3D1%26filter%3D%26sort_by_type%3Drating%26sort_order%3DDESC%26meta_ontology_node_id%3D

Yogurt replacers
1. Yogurt by Whole Soy (Whole Foods)
2. Yogurt by Silk (Whole Foods)

Butter replacers
Olive oil, canola oil, sesame oil, peanut oil, coconut oil. Add salt and other seasonings into your favortie oil to make a delicious butter replacer, I mean to say, calf-saver. 

Ice cream replacers (My husband calls this "Nice Cream")

Please don't eat any dairy. 

Calves are taken from the mother cow shortly after birth and put in these huts to live away from their mother. The mother cow still produces milk. But instead of it going to her calf, it goes to us, humans. The cow's milk comes to us in the form of milk, butter, cheese, and ice cream, to name a few. Dairy is found in almost every product you find in the supermarket, in some form or other. It is given different names like kasein, whey, gelatin (a beef product). 

Photo from Facebook's page Renaming the "Dairy" Industry the "Rape" Industry 11.15.12 

Photo from Facebook's page Campaign Against Speciesism 11.5.2012 3762_301580946614212_305422339_n

Campaign Against Speciesim on Facebook 1.22.13 484830_330647220374251_236189592_n

Photo from Facebook's page Campaign Against Speciesism 10.30.2012 407619_299649906807316_661786417_n

Facebook's page Veganism Worldwide 12.19.12 149753_528877807129927_527923024_n

People for the Cattle in India (PCCI) on Facebook 1.10.13 735023_142857255870608_608274271_n

Facebook's page 269Life with Rakefet Cohen, Marcelo Rico and Gabriella Valencia. 11.30.12 598414_374289705999074_70061720_n

From Facebook’s page CCTV for ALL Slaughterhouses 11.25.2012  574482_443310235725588_2072792845_n

YouTube Video

The short, adorable and heartwarming video on YouTube, posted by Daniel Earle, shows you where every calf should be. Enjoy! 

At this link, you can see a photo essay of the life of a dairy cow and her baby as documented by Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals / There are no graphic pictures.

YouTube Video

And here's another adorable video of a cow and calf's reunion produced by TheGentleBarn.Org. Look at the calf's eyes, you can tell he had been crying.

YouTube Video

Here's a video by TheGentleBarn.Org of a calf rescue that they did. Very exciting to watch.

A few facts about cows. 
1. Cows love their babies beyond belief. They mourn their babies being taken from them by crying and calling out continuously.
2. Cows love for life.
3. Cows could live for 20 years. Dairy cows collapse after four to five years of being impregnated, chained to a milking station, calves being taken from them upon birth, and milked continuously.
4. Cows cry.

Picture of small, family run "humane" and organic dairy and veal farm. This calf is 20 minutes old and is being taken away from her mother. (m) CCTV for ALL Slaughterhouses on Facebook.

Photo:  Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals / /

Please don't consume any dairy.

The True Face of Dairy Facebook 12.27.12 528749_479884768724659_283349143_n

You'll also see a sweet, short video of a cow with her baby, the calf. The video shows how it should be.  (Boe find video.)