October 2015

Scroll down to see all kinds of critters and all the ways we can help keep them safe from harm. 

Rob Boisvert rescued two ducklings from busy 401 Highway in Ontario, Canada.

Michael Sizer Photo by Alison Watt

Suzanne Neamtan Photo: Agnes Cseke 2.14.15  10838143_10155147817300231_9076036197248733698_o

From Facebook's page Real Men are Kind to Animals 6.19.13 6184_10151698475175359_2082647364_n

From Facebook's page Changing the definition of murder to include animals 9.5.13 1176153_591885287535501_309933370_n

From Facebook's page Danielvegan Land 2.18.14 5498_10152027036758406_910773296_n

Alison Watt giving Lightening some loving Photo Michael Sizer 2.21.15 10985891_10153585954873998_4931530582146834028_n

Michael Sizer, photographer and volunteer at Toronto Pig Save, with his beloved Bear.

Alison Watt with the Bear!

Sherry Brown's rescued a turtle from a terrible life. She named him Trip. Welcome Home Trip!

Trip and his BFF from Sherry Brown's FB page 2.21.15

Trip's space in between the pigs (yes!), dogs (yes!), and cat (yes!)

Trip's space as it is developing. See the gate? That is to keep the pigs (yes!), the dogs (yes!), and the cat (yes!) away. Guess you guess who will wind up loving Trip the most?

Trip's space becoming more fancy... that Sherry Brown is such a designer of comfortable places for ALL! (Don't believe me, check out her FB page.)

Trip enjoying a snack. (By the way, this is what all vegans eat - just like Popeye. Yum, yum.)

Sherry Brown made a playpen for trip. See who's visiting?

Some more visitors at Trip's playpen...

Sherry Brown captured another visitor enjoying Trip's playpen.

Does it look like Trip is enjoying his new playpen?

Trip having a little breakfast...

Here are some more critters you can enjoy.

From Facebook's page Different Photo 5.24.13 954855_547384158646186_1183866321_n

From the website News: Rescue Wins Hearts 749430 1016705_748542058496914_993500272_n

From Facebook's page Facebook's page Wild Rats 5.25.13 936107_510126392369135_1992247814_n

Each year, over 150 million animals are killed in laboratories. Unnecessary experiments that cause substantial suffering and, for the vast majority, ultimately, death. Most of these animals will have spent their entire life in the lab, never having seen or felt sunlight or grass. This photo is to remember World Day for Animals in Laboratories, which is celebrated on 24th April each year.

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Photo: © Kuttelvaserova Stuchelova / Shutterstock

Hero! A brave boy fearlessly risked his own life and showed astonishing bravery to save a helpless baby deer from drowning. The boy, called Belal and believed to be in his early teens, defiantly held the young fawn in one hand above his head as he plunged through the surging river. Read More/See Photos: — with Kamran Jafari, Maike Pals and Rasanjana Mendis.

From Facebook's page Empty Cages Worldwide 2.6.14 12729_478846845555338_1580239461_n

From Facebook's page Empty Cages Worldwide S Westwood, P Miroslav, G Nikolovski, D Jondonero, S Carroll, A Prim, Nonhuman Emancipation. 935127_438562396250450_1149011516_n

MM critter savers From Facebook's page The Advertiser 1.13.14 484827_10151903619971947_675647522_n

From Facebook's page Swathish Kumar 3.17.13 429606_344641452249271_751588954_n