November 2015

Look at all the ways you can save cats. I hope you enjoy seeing others doing that. 

Cat-saver Katie Barber. 

Here's Cecilia Di P. with her cat, Mr. P. Cecilia is a vegan. She saves many animals every day by eating plants.

From Facebook's page Promoviendo el Veganismo 7.19.14 10325524_929069163785706_7877028764000004956_n

Erik M. rescues, nurses, and homes feline leukemia positive cats. He also helps them die with dignity and comfort when it's the time. He's done this with about 20 cats. 

Vikki: Most of these pictures are of Phantom. The other kittens are my "Fab Five". Phantom was the only survivor of my first foster litter of 5 kittens. Then the Fab Five came along. They all survived and they were all adopted. I still have Phantom. She's my favorite "foster failure" ever! I hate that phrase though, because she is anything BUT a failure. I love this kitty so much. When I first got her, the bottle to feed her was bigger than she was! Now she's a GORGEOUS long haired Diva! Fostering all these kitties was the most educational, sad/exciting and rewarding experience I've ever known. I love helping out at the city animal shelter. I'll it all over again as often as possible.