Guide - New to VEFFA Email

You can login to you email at:

Below are instructions on how to integrate your new veffa email with your current email:

The first step, regardless of what email service you are currently using is to go to Login with your new veffa username / password, agree to the end user agreement and make sure that you can send / receive emails from your VEFFA account.

I. If you are using Gmail: Integrate your VEFFA email with your current Gmail, so that you can send and receive emails from two (or more) accounts using one single mail box.

II. If you are using Yahoo mail: 
We would highly recommend using VEFFA email as the main account and integrate your yahoo email with your VEFFA email, so that you can send / receive email from both accounts in a single box:

Alternatively you can switch to veffa email by following 2 steps:
1. Forward your email from Yahoo to VEFFA email
2. Set up an auto-reply message in your Yahoo mail, and tell people to send messages to your new email instead.
Instruction for the first two steps can be found here:!-Mail-to-Gmail

Sample auto-reply:
"You have reached mailbox of yourname.
Please note that I have switched to my new address at yourveffaaddress.
Your email was forwarded, and I will be happy to receive your future emails at my new address. 
Thanks & have a good day!"

III. If you are using POP3 / IMAP email client, such as Outlook
1. Enable POP:
2. Set up POP Client:

And you should be all set : )

Don't hesitate to send an email to it-email @ veffa <cham> org if you have any question.

Note: For ease of management, accounts which are not accessed for 1 month after date of creation will be deleted.