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to the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work Student Resource website. Here you will find the information, documents and forms you will need to be successful both personally and professionally during your time at VCU.

All school student policies can be found in the Student Policy Handbook.

Stay connected and stay up-to-date
Sometimes it can be difficult keeping up with all things all the time. We understand this and use a variety of tools to help ensure that you have access to the information you need when you need it. Below is a list of tools and platforms that we use to distribute information. 

Email is an official method of communication at VCU. All members of the VCU community are required to use and check their VCU email address regularly. Read more about the student email policy.

Student calendar
Use the VCU School of Social Work Student Calendar to see all school events, reminders and deadlines in one place.

Office of Student Success Newsletter
Monthly the VCU School of Social Work Office of Student Success distributes the Student Success Newsletter. This newsletter is designed to provide you with the most updated student resource information as well as provide updates from the school's student leadership.

VCU School of Social Work Blog
Every week we publish news posts about our alumni, students, faculty and staff to the VCU School of Social Work blog.

This is why
The School of Social work is built upon stories of hope, inspiration and motivation. Learn more about the inspiration work our alumni are doing at

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