Unlinking a Personal Gmail Account

Check the "Alternate" email in a Personal Gmail Account and Remove if it is a VCU email address
Do not have a personal Gmail account? Skip these instructions.

What works and what does not work when associating a Personal Gmail account with a VCU email address

Alternate email address: A VCU email account CANNOT be used (eid@vcu.edu) as an “alternate” account for a personal Gmail (@gmail.com). It will cause issues, particularly with calendar invitations.  

Recovery email address: A VCU email account (eid@vcu.edu) can be used as a “recovery” account for a personal Gmail account (@gmail.com).

To identify the "Alternate" and "recovery" account for a personal Gmail, see the steps below.

Conflicting email address: If prior to the migration to Google Gmail, any @vcu.edu email address had been used to create an account for a Google App, such as AdWords, Blogger, etc., those accounts should be updated prior to the migration with a new name. For more information on what a conflicting account is and how it will behave during VCU’s move to Google Apps read Conflicting accounts article. Otherwise Google automatically creates a temporary account when a case of conflicting accounts is detected. The temporary account will be the following format vcueid%vcu.edu@gtempaccount.com which can be accessed using the previous password to rename the conflicting account account.

How to check and remove a VCU email address as an “alternate” email for a personal Gmail account

(Note:  Any personal Gmail account (@gmail.com) CANNOT be use with a VCU Gmail account as the alternate (other) address. If you would like more information about how the alternate email address is used with other Google products click here.)

Step 1:  Log into the Personal Gmail account
Step 2:  Click on account image in upper right-hand corner.  Click on Account, it will display the "personal info" tab.

Step 3:  If, under "Email & phone" there is a VCU email address listed for Other (Other refers to an Alternate") email address click the Security tab.  
NOTE: If it is NOT a VCU email address do not continue. Go back to gonegoogle.vcu.edu and continure to step six.  

Step 4: Click Edit, either to the right of Recovery phone or Recovery Email to get to the Account recovery page. You will be prompted to enter the account password again.  
Step 5: On the Account recovery option page are option to add/change following:
  • Mobile phone
  • Recovery Email Address
  • Alternate Email address
  • Security question

Step 8:   After making any changes - click on Save at the bottom of the page.