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VCU FAQs (If the information you are looking for is not here, check out askIT.)

Lotus Notes Transition to Google Apps

What can I expect to happen during my transition and migration to Google Apps?

You will receive several emails from Doctor Gee instructing you what you should and should not do during migration week. Please check out the “Google Apps Transition and Migration Process” documentation for migration details.

How do I get ready and clean up my Lotus Notes account?

Check out the Switch from Lotus Notes page for instructions on how to get ready and clean up your Lotus Notes account.  To prepare your account Collaboration Services will archive all mail older than 5/31/2011 and save it to your Lotus Notes archive.  Faculty can request that this data be migrated to their Google account after the migration project has completed.

Should I create a Google account when I download Chrome?

No.  When you download Chrome, the recommended method for accessing your VCU Google email, it will ask you to create an account. You do not need to create an account.  Your eid@vcu.edu account will be created by the VCU Google administrator and you will be notified when the account has been created.   See "Google Apps Transition and Migration Process" documentation.

What will my email address be after the transition to Google Apps?

Your email will not change, it will stay eid@vcu.edu.  

When will my Lotus Notes email, calendar and contacts migrate to Google?

Check out the Timeline Rollout to see when your school/department's data is scheduled to migrate.  When your school or department is scheduled to migrate, prior to the migration, your Google account will be created.  You will still have access to your Lotus Notes accounts for viewing while your data is migrating.  Until your VCU Google account has been created you should continue to use your Lotus Notes email.

How much email will migrate from Lotus Notes to Google Gmail?  

Collaboration Services staff in Technology Services will be archiving emails sent and received prior to 5/31/2011 to your Lotus Notes archive database (you will receive a notice when this will occur). Your older (archived) emails will still be available, in your archive database, from either the Lotus Notes client, or from VCU Mail Anywhere (can not access your archives from IMAP). At a later date we will be posting a procedure if you require additional data to be migrated.  Faculty may request the archived data (email older than 5/31/2011) be migrated to Google after the initial migration for all faculty and staff has been completed.  Staff will be required to provide a business case justification to have data older than 5/31/2011 migrated.  Data on the Lotus Notes Servers will not be deleted without approval from the General Counsel's office following state records retention guidelines.

How do I access my old Lotus Notes archived email that did not migrate?

Your older (archived) emails will still be available in your archive database, from either the Lotus Notes client or VCU Mail Anywhere.  You will not be able to access your old archived email through an IMAP Client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.)  Use your VCU eID and password to login through VCU Mail Anywhere. Lotus Notes Client users will access archive email as they accessed Lotus Notes email, entering their Lotus Notes password.  We will not delete data on the Lotus Notes Servers without approval from the VCU General Counsel's office following state records retention guidelines.  We will notify the VCU community well in advance when the decision is made to delete achieved email. Please note the FAQ "How much email will migrate from Lotus Notes to Google Gmail?".

Will Lotus Notes Reminders migrate over to the Google Calendar?

Lotus Notes Reminders will migrate over as a Google calendar event, but will loose the "reminder" distinction.  The suggested work-around, prior to the migration of your Lotus Notes account, go into the Reminders in Notes and edit the title to append [Reminder] or what ever makes sense to you.   Therefore, when the event migrates from Notes to Google calendar it will have [Remnder] in the title.  Once they are migrated to Google you can color-code them to set apart from rest of your Google calendar. 

If I have a Lotus Notes Calendar item marked as Private will it still be marked as Private when it migrates to the Google Calendar?


Can I post to a List Serve?

If posting to a List Serve is a problem after your email has moved from Lotus Notes to Google Gmail please send an email to helpIT@vcu.edu describing the issue.   An additional feature of Google Apps is Google Reader - which is perfect for subscribing to list serves using an RSS feed!   You may find this from your new Google account by selecting More - Even More at the top left.

What is the future of Blackberry Enterprise Server support at VCU given the move to Google Apps? (UPDATED - 9/11/2012)

A Blackberry Enterprise Server with Google Connector for Blackberry has been installed. This will provide email, calendar and contact synching for Google Apps users for those migrated to Google. If you have migrated to Google and are currently using Google Sync with your Blackberry, please contact Dr. Gee for assistance with migrating to Google Connector for Blackberry. This service is provided it will only be for the Blackberry Operating System Version 9 or prior. We will not provide for OS10 devices.  You may still connect to your email via an internet email connection with Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) service.

Will the VCU Leave Request System in Notes be available in Google Apps?

VCU Leave Request System will not be available in Google Apps but the VCU Leave Request System is currently available from the web (http://ts.vcu.edu/askit/email/vcu-leave-request-system/) to create and approve leave request.  Timekeepers will continue to use Lotus Notes to access their views.  Plans are to upgrade the design to a web-access only app later this year.

How will generic accounts from Lotus Notes be migrated to VCU Google Apps? (UPDATED)

Lotus Notes generic accounts will not be migrated until the faculty/staff migration has been completed, as this is the first priority. The migration team understands that many generic accounts work with applications, like ImageNow, and will be mindful of those situations when the generic accounts are migrated.  Each generic account will be reviewed to determine if a generic account, Google Group, or Google calendar is most appropriate in terms of how the account is set up in the Google Apps domain. 

Will I be able to manage multiple generic accounts from my Gmail account after the generic accounts migrate?

Yes. The account manager must provide permission to allow Gmail delegation to the account. After permission is granted, you may set up Gmail Delegation to access the account. This video demonstrates the delegation process,  http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/enterprisetraining/gapps/aa/gmaildel/delgating_gmail_021110.mov . Please note the FAQ: "How will generic accounts from Lotus Notes be migrated to VCU Google Apps?".

What's the @gapps.vcu.edu or @apps.vcu.edu address I sometimes see in email lists?

The email address yourEID@apps.vcu.edu or yourEID@gapps.vcu.edu is the address used internally to route mail to your Google Apps account.  You should always choose the @vcu.edu address when picking a user from the Google contact list.  

Will Affiliate Accounts be created automatically?

Affiliate accounts will no longer be created automatically as was the case with Lotus Notes.  Affiliate account creates can be created either by submitting an email to Doctor Gee or with a Remedy Ticket. 

Accessing Google Apps at VCU after your account has been created

What is appsforVCU powered by Google?

appsfor VCU powered by Google provides a VCU gateway to Google's online services, allowing you to take advantage of Google's email, productivity, and collaboration tools while maintaining your @vcu.edu email name.

What is the Google domain for VCU faculty and staff?

The Google domain for VCU Faculty and Staff is apps.vcu.edu, your email address will remain eid@vcu.edu.   Please note this is a different domain than VCU students, the student Google domain is mymail.vcu.edu.  

How do I log in to my apps.vcu.edu Google Apps account?

Once your VCU Google account has been created, open your browser and go to https://apps.vcu.edu, click on Gmail Google Mail and you will be taken to the VCU Central Authentication System.  Log-in using your VCU eID and password.

Why is the Google domain for VCU students different then the domain for VCU faculty and staff?

There are different Commonwealth of Virginia record retention requirements for faculty and staff related to the requirements for students.

Can I use VCU Google Apps if I already have a personal Gmail account?

Yes.  A VCU Google Apps for Education account (eid@vcu.edu) will be created for you through Google Apps at VCU.  This article describes conflicting accounts and how they will behave during the move to Google.  Please read this page and unlink references from your personal gmail account to your VCU email address (https://sites.google.com/a/vcu.edu/gonegoogle/your-first-days-0).

I do not seem to be receiving all of my emails after the migration has completed?

Please read the information about Google Message Security to see if the email(s) are being quarantined and how to request it to be released.

MCV Hospital Lotus Notes

What email address do I use to email a VCU employee with a VCU Google Gmail account?

The VCU email will not change with the migration from Lotus Notes to Google Apps.   If your email is eID@vcu.edu, it will still be after the transition.  There will be no change regarding how redirection is done for those hospital employees who have @mcvh-vcu.edu as their primary accounts.  Mail delivery to eid@vcu.edu will still be in place.

Can calendar invites be sent and received between the MCV Hospital Lotus Notes system and VCU Google Apps system?


Will an administrative assistant be able to view both calendars used by their faculty/chairs as they did with Lotus Notes?


Will the VCU Google apps users be able to look up VCUHS accounts in the Gmail contacts?

No.  The VCU address book will contain only VCU employees at this time.  

How will 'dual role' employees (VCU and Hospital employee) email accounts work that have VCU Lotus Notes accounts that forward to the hospital?

This process is being evaluated with the new Google Apps system.  No definite answer at this time.