Security & Privacy
appsforVCU powered by Google are being provided by VCU as the primary email/collaboration system for faculty and staff.  VCU policies apply to this service.  Your account has been customized by Google and VCU for optimal collaboration.  VCU has taken steps to ensure your data is protected above and beyond a publicly available account.  Google has signed a contract committing them to uphold a strict privacy policy and to always treat your personal information with the utmost care and security.

VCU has implemented Google Message Security and Discovery for the faculty and staff Google domain  

University faculty, staff and contractors may not transmit confidential data via email and/or via email attachments unless the message and attachments are encrypted.  See the link above "How to send encrypted mail from Google Apps" for information on how to send encrypted mail.

When not using your own computer, we strongly suggest for your protection, you use the Privacy mode of the web browser when logging into your VCU account.  See the link above "Private Browsing" for information on how to use your browser in "private mode."

Virginia Commonwealth Unversity (VCU) provides and maintains computing resources to support the Unversity's mission critical operations of education, research, service and administration.  In order to ensure that these resources are used ehtically, equitably, and legally by faculty, staff and students, VCU has established certain guidelines, policies and standards.   

Google recognizes that schools expect Google to properly secure data and maintain the privacy of their information.

Google Apps allow for 'sharing' information in some of the apps.  The VCU Identity Manual establishes guidelines for effective use while adhering to university policies.   

CloudLock VCU has implemented CloudLock to scan Google Drive documents for protected information such as SSN and credit card information. 

Google Vault (TBA)

Zix Encryption VCU will be moving the solution for external encrypted mail to a cloud hosted solution from Zix Corporation in June 2014.