Message from Mark Willis, CIO

We are pleased to announce that Google Apps for Education will be the new email, calendar, and collaboration system for VCU faculty and staff. Google Apps was selected to replace Lotus Notes after a competitive procurement process. VCU students have successfully used Google Apps for the last three years. VCU joins other major universities, such as North Carolina State University and the University of Michigan, in moving faculty and staff to Google Apps for Education.

Beginning immediately, VCU Technology Services will begin the process of transitioning faculty and staff to this new system. The goal is to complete this migration to Google Apps before the start of school in August.

Google Apps is much more than email and calendaring, but these are the areas that will be the initial focus of the project to ensure that faculty and staff members are comfortable with the tools. Immediate benefits of migrating to Google Apps include:

    · Increased storage for email inboxes to 25 GB. No more worries about having to delete or archive email. 
    · Messaging from within your inbox including voice and video calls.
    · Document collaboration with students and for workgroups here or anywhere.
    · Enhanced spam filtering to reduce email scams in your inbox.
    · Constant product innovation by Google.

As with most new systems, the transition to Google Apps is likely to create some level of inconvenience and even frustration. To help improve the experience, VCU Technology Services will provide training in multiple ways -- in-person, online, and on-demand, including via the new Atomic Learning video service. VCU TS staff will also be available to meet with departments to demonstrate the tools available in Google Apps. Finally, the VCU helpIT Center is available to answer your questions. 

Please visit the project page at to follow announcements and schedules concerning the migration to Google Apps. Announcements for the project will also be provided via TelegRAM and the VCU TS social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.