IMAP Access (Google Chrome is the preferred access method)
What is IMAP?  

IMAP or Internet Message Access Protocol, is an internet standard protocol for transferring email messages from a server through the internet to your computer.  IMAP is designed to be used with client software that is installed on your computer.  With VCU Google Apps, the preferred method for accessing email is from  the Chrome web browser (Chrome Download Instructions). With browser access there is no need to worry if Email is synchronized between computers. There is never a need to setup each PC/device's client with a signature, forwarding rules, etc...all of that is setup once regardless of what device is use to access a VCU Google Apps account. However an IMAP client like Thunderbird or Outlook can be used. Here are the instructions for getting started with IMAP. 

How do I configure my IMAP Client?
Wait until your Email account has been migrated before setting up IMAP!
When the migration is completed on your account, An Email notification will be sent to your new VCU Gmail account, NOT LOTUS NOTES.  Make sure to check your new VCU Gmail account daily during migration week using a web browser (preferably Chrome). Access a VCU Google Apps account at, Click on  to login with your EID and EID password.

IMAP Configuration specifics:
  • What Account Name do I use?
Use your full name, not a nickname, or your VCU email address ( in the "Your Name" field.  If asked for the email address others will use to send you email use  

  • What User Name do I use?
User name:

  • What IMAP server names do I use for IMAP account?
Incoming Server:
Outgoing Server:

Follow the configuration instructions for your client of choice.

Click here for IMAP configuration instructions.
Click here for a list of supported email clients that support IMAP.
Click here for VCU IMAP configuration for Outlook 2010.
Click here for VCU IMAP configuration for Thunderbird13.

How do I configure a mobile device?

Click here for instructions on how to use VCU IMAP with the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
Click here for Instructions on how to use VCU IMAP with the Android.

Visit the Google Help Center for more information on IMAP.