How do we get on the schedule


The Google Apps Training committee has been asked by numerous departments -  “How do we get on the schedule to transition from Lotus Notes to Google Apps?”

Here are a few questions that should be answered when you submit your request for your school/department to transition:

1,  What is your training plan -  internally or with Technology Services staff (contacted Lucy Halunko-

2.  Have the faculty and staff in your department taken advantage of training you have provided or training provided by Technology Services?  Please encourage the faculty and staff in your school/department to take advantage of workshops and seminars being offered by Technology Services ( - keyword = Google).

3.  How many faculty/staff are in your department?  What percentage do you think have taken advantage of training?

4.  Have you or your users installed Chrome on their workstations in preparation for the transition?

5.  Are you prepared to help with needed support for the transition in your school/department?  In these early stages, this has to be a team effort in regards to support.  Collaboration Services staff is very focused on the migration process, post-migration technical issues and the continued support of Lotus Notes.  Any help you and your team can provide will smooth the transition.

6.  Do you have support of  Dean/VP for the time you would like for your School/Dept to move?   As departments are migrated as a group, it is not possible for individual users to be excluded from a migration group.

7.  What is your preferred time to transition during the fall semester?

Please encourage faculty and staff to check the "Switch from Lotus Notes' link on this GoneGoogle site ( for tips on cleaning up their Lotus Notes data. 

As we look forward to migrating your school/department, your help is needed and appreciated.

You should send your request to and (Scott Davis) and include the answers to the questions above.