Using Google Groups
Use groups as mailing lists or forums, to collaborate with co-workers, and more! 
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A Google Group is an online environment for discussing items related to a specific subject, such as Google Training or Committee XYZ .   Members are added to the group by the owner of the group and the group will be assigned a specific email address.  A group can contain multiple topics. Topics are different discussions related to the group's subject. Topics in a group about Google Training might be “What content show we include in a workshop?” or “Post topics for Monday's meeting.”   Topics can contain multiple posts. Posts are replies from readers to the topic.

Google Groups allows you to have online and email groups. Here are some things you can do with Google Groups:

  • Engage in discussions about a specific subject.
  • Create a question and answer staff support group for a project.
  • Organize meetings or conferences among members of a group.
  • Read group posts through email (everyone) and/or the online interface (VCU domain only).

There are two types of Google Groups user roles: participants and administrators. Participants subscribe to groups and participate in group discussions. Administrators create new groups and manage group members, discussions, and other settings. A role's permissions determines what a user can do within a group.

To request a Google Group be created for your group contact

To learn more click on the "How To" link above.

Please note: Google Groups are different than groups created in your personal Contacts.  See the link Learn by app - Contacts for more information about Contact groups.