Getting Started with Google+

To set up Google+, click on +You while logged into your Google Apps account.  

You will be taken to a sign up page.  Please enter all information.  Please enter your correct birth date when asked - Google+ is restricted to users age 13 and older.  You must enter your correct birthday.  An incorrect birth date will cause your Google account (gmail and other services included) to be locked.  Click Upgrade in the lower right hand side.

You will then be prompted to add people you know.  You may be given suggestions, based on who you have in your contacts.  You can also search for users who are on Google+ and invite users to join Google+.  You can always add people later.  Click Continue in the lower right hand side.

You will also be asked if you would like to follow other people/groups based on interests.  Click Continue.  

Finally, you can add personal information about yourself.  Here you can upload a photo of yourself and add personal information.  You can always update information in your profile later.  Once you are done, click Finish.  

You have now set up Google+!  You can take a tour of the features of Google+, or start using it!

You will have a toolbar on the left hand side of Google+.  This will give you access to some of the major features of Google+.  On the right you will have you chat list.

Some features of Google+ include:

Circles:  When you add users in Google+, you can also categorize them by Circles.  Circles allows you to organize your users by the connection you have with them, ie. friends, coworkers, family.  With circles, you can decide who can see what information on your profile, and also who can see information you post.  

Chat:  You will be able to chat with users that you have in your contact list in your email account, and also users that you have in your Circles.

Hangouts:  Hangouts is a video chat function.  Chat with up to 9 people.

Pages:  Pages provides businesses, products, brands, and organizations with a public identity and presence on Google+.

For more information on Google+, please visit the Google+ Help Center.