Google Apps Transition and Migration Process

You will receive numerous emails from Doctor Gee instructing you what you should and should not do during migration week.  Please read this page to learn about these emails and the process.  
1.  Preparation of your Lotus Notes Account - (Prior to Migration Week) You will receive an email notifying you that Collaboration Services will be archiving all data from your Lotus Notes account prior to June 1, 2013. This email will arrive approximately three weeks before your school/department is scheduled to migrate.

A notice advising archiving is complete and how to access will follow.

Note: Your older (archived) emails will be available in your archive database from either the Lotus Notes client or from VCU Mail Anywhere (you cannot access your Lotus Notes archives from IMAP). 

2.  appsforVCU Account Creation - (Monday of Migration Week) You will receive an email notifying you of the creation of your appsforVCU account. This email will include the date your email will begin arriving in your new appsforVCU account.    Sign in and take a look, just don’t begin to use your new account until advised your email has transitioned and it is time to Go Google.

3.  Email arriving in Google appsforVCU Email - (Wednesday of Migration Week) You will receive an email advising your email will begin arriving in your new Google Apps account.    You will go to the appsforVCU site to log in.  Your email address will not change and remains your  Your login is your VCU eID and eID password.  All new email will appear in your appsforVCU account.  

Note: Your email will begin arriving in your new account and you will begin using your appsforVCU Google account before your data is migrated from Lotus Notes. Data sent and received after June 1, 2013, will be migrated. Requests for additional data migration will be handled after all of VCU faculty and staff have been transitioned.  Data on the Lotus Notes Servers will not be deleted without approval from the General Counsel's office following state records retention guidelines. 

4.  Lotus Notes Data Migration to Google Apps - You will receive an email (in your appsforVCU account) notifying you that migration of your data has started.  As data migrates, it may appear first in your Inbox and later move to correct labels.  Do not move data until you receive your completion notice.  Data migration may take up to three or more days to complete based on the size and complexity of your email account document and folder structure.   You may request when you get this message to opt out of having any of your data migrated, you may not opt out of going to Google Apps!

Pro Tip:  Wait to configure your smartphone until after your data has been migrated!  

5.  Migration is Complete - You will receive an email confirming the migration is complete.  It will provide you with a summary of the email, calendar events, contacts and groups migrated to your new account.

Pro Tip:  Following your completion email, it may take up to 24 hours for your new mailfile to index and all items to appear in the correct labels.  Please allow time for this to complete.


Some things you might want to do after the migration is complete:

1. Review your migration results in your Notes client - Click here for instructions on how to view your migration results in your Notes client.

2. Configure your Mobile Device


Getting help after the migration is complete:

We are here to help!  Please contact VCU helpIT Center ( 804-828-2227 for assistance.

Learn more by using Synergyse training, always available in your Google Apps account.