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How to whitelist (Gmail nevers moves to Spam) certain contacts or domain

To make sure Gmail never filters as spam mail from a certain contact or domain:
  • Follow the Settings link in Gmail.
  • Go to Filters.
  • Click Create a new filter.
  • Type the desired email address under From:.
    • To whitelist an entire domain (all mail from an address ending in "", for example), type the just the domain name or the domain name preceded by '@'. To whitelist "", for instance, type "" (not including the quotation marks).
    • You do not have to create a separate filter for each address. Separate addresses with '|' in the From: field instead. To whitelist both "" and "", enter "|", for example.
  • Click Next Step ››.
    • You can click Test Search before, of course, to make sure you did not mistype.
  • Make sure Never send it to Spam is checked.
  • Click Create Filter.