How to Export a non-VCU Google Calendar and Import into your VCU Google Calendar

 Step 1:  Export the calendar in the Google account you have outside of VCU.

           -  Login to your Google account that has calendar you want to export

           -  Click on Calendar

           -  Go to the Calendar Settings (gear icon on calendar)

           -  Under Calendar Settings - click on Calendars tab

           -  Click on Export Calendars

           -  Save .zip file to your Computer

Step 2:  Unzip and extract the file you saved, in Step 1, on your computer.  You will see .ics files for all the calendars that were in the Google account that you used to export the calendars in Step 1.   You will use the specific.ics file for the calendar you want to import in Step 4. 

Step 3:  Create a Calendar in your VCU Google account.  This calendar will be used to import the calendar information that was exported and unzipped in Step 1 & 2.

            - Login in to your VCU Google account (

            - Click on Calendar

            - Click on down arrow icon next to My Calendars and click on Create new Calendar

            - Complete the form

            - Click on Create Calendar

Step 4:  Import the exported calendar into your VCU Google account calendar you created in Step 3.

- Go to the Calendar Settings (gear icon on calendar)

- Under Calendar Settings - click on Calendars tab

- Click on Import Calendar

- Browse for .ics file that you want to import (from Step 2)

- Select Calendar - Select from the drop down the calendar you want to import to.  If you leave it your name, it will import into your personal calendar

- Click Import