VCU Analysis, Logic and Physics Seminar

Fall 2013

Fridays 2:45-3:45pm, Harris Hall, Room 4145

Schedule of Talks

August 30th Brent Cody (VCU) Ultraproducts and Applications I
 September 6th  Brent Cody (VCU) Ultraproducts and Applications II
September 13th Sean Cox (VCU)
Forcing Axioms and the Baire Category Theorem
 September 20th (special time and place:  11am in Harris 4119)  Sean Cox (VCU)  Saturated ideals and regular embeddings of Boolean Algebras
 September 27th (special place: Harris 4119)
 Janusz Konieczny (UMW)
The Commuting Graph of the Symmetric Inverse Semigroup

 October 4th (special time and place: 11am in Harris 4119)
 Marco Aldi (VCU)
Dilogarithms and Fourier Transform
October 11th
Alexi Hoeft (VCU)  
Sharp Analytic Results for the 3D NSE
Wednesday, October 16th at 3pm in Harris 4119 (note the special day, time, and place)
David Sherman (UVA)  Requiem for the Kadison-Singer problem
 October 25th

 November 1st
Joshua Erlich (W&M)
Holographic Duality in Physics
 November 8th Brian Paljug (Temple)
An Introduction to Algebraic Operads and Homotopy Algebras
 November 15th  Martin Zeman (UCI)
Inner models and absoluteness
 November 22nd  Zach Bradshaw (UVa)
Turbulent dynamics in stratified geophysical fluids

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