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New!! Google Calendar Reminders


New!! Set Expiration Date on Shared Files


New!! Export Google Docs as EPUB publications


Google Forms Security and Student Access

If a student accesses their myVCUmail account before going to a form that was created in the faculty/staff domain and requires authentication, they are able to access the form and submit without any errors.

If a student has not authenticated to their myVCUmail account in the browser, the form will force the user to CAS to authenticate, and they will get a “Google Apps - Invalid Email” error. Click logout, then log into myVCUmail before accessing the form.  Contact Dr. Gee for further assistance.

NEW!! Folder sharing setting in Drive 

NEW!! Two new security features for Gmail

NEW!! Information about migration of Lotus Notes Archives https://goo.gl/rxWaBR

NEW!! Events added to Calendar automatically

Google Calendar now adds events from Gmail, like reservations for flights and restaurants, to your calendar automatically.  This feature can be toggled on and off.  When you turn off the setting to add events from Gmail, all past events added from Gmail will be removed from your calendar. And if you turn this setting back on, only events in the future will be added, not past events. Click the link for

instructions on how to disable this feature:  https://goo.gl/dsX3nB

NEW!! Trusted Google Domains
Google has recently instituted the ability to allow multiple Google domains to "trust" each other.  We've set this up between the mymail.vcu.edu (student) and vcu.edu (faculty/staff) Google Apps domains. Click the link to find out more: https://goo.gl/p8Gct4

Google Hangouts default chat platform
In order to provide a standardized communication platform for 
all VCU Google users, Google Hangouts is the default chat platform. Hangouts is a way to communicate instantly no matter what device you’re on.  Whether you’re using a computer, an Android, or iOS device, you can access conversations in one place.Turn any Hangout into a live video call with up to 14 people.

NEW!! VCU Academic Calendar

A copy of the current VCU Academic Calendar is now viewable from your Google Calendar.  Directions to add the Academic Calendar copy can be found on this here.

Be smarter about Spam and Phishing attacks
Don't recognize the sender of an email?
Unsure about an email you've received?
Concerned that if you click a link in an email it might put your account at risk? 

Then visit the VCU Phishing Net site for the latest updates on spam and phishing attacks!

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