AD Migration Phases

Project Completed On: June 30th, 2015

NOTE: Deadline to complete all server migration to RAMS domain - June 30th, 2015. 

Please register all your servers and schedule migration date here:

Current UC.ADP.VCU.EDU (aka ACAD1), ADM.ADP.VCU.EDU (aka ADM.VCU.EDU) and HAS.ADP.VCU.EDU will be consolidated to a new single domain – RAMS.ADP.VCU.EDU

Source Domains:                                                            

·         UC.ADP.VCU.EDU (aka ACAD1)
·         ADM.ADP.VCU.EDU (aka ADM.VCU.EDU)
·         HAS.ADP.VCU.EDU

                Target Domain:

 ·         RAMS.ADP.VCU.EDU