To be competitive in a new world economy and work in jobs that may not even exist today, students will need to be digitally literate and exhibit good digital citizenship. According to Dr. Mike Ribble, “Digital Citizenship is defined as the
norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use.” 

Dr. Ribble's Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship, known as REP, are:
  • Respect yourself & others: Etiquette (5), Access (1), Law (6) 
  • Educate yourself & connect with others: Communication (3), Literacy (4), Commerce (2) 
  • Protect yourself & othersRights & Responsibility (7), Safety/Security (9), Health & Welfare (8) 

Did you know the Acceptable Use Policy you sign annually touches on all these areas?

for Educators        

for Parents

 for Students          

Common Sense for Educators

Common Sense for Parents

iKeepSafe for Educators

iKeepSafe for Parents

OnGuard Online for Educators

OnGuard Online for Parents

BrainPopJr Internet Safety


 iKeepSafe Copyright Course 

NetSafe Utah

 Additional Resources for Educators (coming soon)   Additional Resources for Parents (coming soon)   Additional Resources for Students (coming soon)
Digital Citizenship Lesson Verification  Data Privacy, Safety and Security 
Data Privacy, Safety and Security   
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