Comments from present & past users:

Terry Smith, President and Branding Strategist with ICON Communications & Research Inc. presented during Victoria County's 2012 Tourism Webinar Series and when asked how this webinar experience compared to his previous experience with a larger companies, Terry responded by saying, " I've attended several webinars produced by larger companies and found the experience with VCCAPS Association to be comparable and the level of service excellent."

"Thanks to the VCCAPS Community Communication Project, I was introduced to WebEx online meeting software. WebEx was a real asset for my graduate studies research; the program provided a simple and effective means to conduct international interviews, which would have been a costly venture otherwise.  I found WebEx easy and quick to set up, but more importantly, it was easy for my interviewees!"

-Stephanie Johnstone-Laurette, University of London Graduate Student

"I have been a member of the VCCAPS Community Communication project since its inception in 2010 and wanted to let you know much success I have had with it. It has been a great support for my community-based fisheries projects, has increased my competitiveness in the employment market, and has enabled me to be professionally active while reducing my travel time and therefore, reducing  my carbon emissions.

It is a challenge at the best of times to work successfully from a rural area. The fishing industry likewise is facing many challenges and receiving such support from your organization has been instrumental to our efficiency – in both time and money! 

Thank you so much for the opportunity and training you have provided"

Veronika Brzeski

Project Manager, LFA27 Management Board Society

Project Coordinator, Coastal Communities Adapting to Climate Change, Ecology Action Centre