Online meetings allow you or a group to meet on the Internet using a Highspeed Internet connection, a computer & a headset with mic. 
The software used is called Webex and is easy to use and no program software is downloaded to your computer. 


Listen here to see what you need to get you started.
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A set of tutorials and presentations have been developed to give an overview of the software:
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Webinars are seminars that are viewed on the Internet. A webinar can be developed to hold a live or on-demand online event with up to 500 attendees.
They are a great way to get your message out to lots of people, share presentations, or information sessions to a wide audience. 
Webinars include; high-quality video, integrated voice conferencing, and the ability to record events for on-demand viewing, which is a link on the Internet to access the recording.
You can invite speakers & presenters to join; share Power Point presentations; ask questions; poll your attendees and much more. 
  • Would you like to see a demonstration of a webinar?
  • Want more information on how to create a webinar?
  • View this on-demand demonstration webinar on, "How to Create an Informational Webinar"
  • Contact the team to learn more.
  • A set of tutorials and presentations have been developed to get you started with webinars:
                                            View Webinar Tutorials
    There are lots of webinars accessible on the Internet. Some webinars are live and you must register to join, others have been recorded and are available for viewing at your leisure.
    Follow the link below to see an example of a webinar that has been recorded (since you are connecting to the webinar via the Internet there may be a short delay in getting started, which is known as buffering) ****You will be asked " Do you want the following program to make changes to this computer?" You may select YES and the connection will be made or choose NO and you will be disconnected.
    View Webinar (choose the playback option)
    To register for a free webinar visit, Victoria County's 2013 Webinar Series
     To view comments from past and current users of the online meeting and webinar software View our Testimonial Page