Executive Officers
President: Makayla Potts
Vice-President: Billy Vidmar
Secretary: Noah Newlon
Treasurer: Eleanor Boru
Moderator: Mrs. Melissa Grai,

Class of 2017
President: Janae Johnson
Vice-President: Nikkia Shady
Secretary: Chelsea Appling
Treasurer: Lara Pagendarm-Winter
Moderator: Mrs. Patti Marxen,

Class of 2018
President: Jada Boggan
Vice-President: Hailey Barnett
Secretary: Lora Stewart
Treasurer: Tim Raddell
Moderator: Ms. Robyn Spangler,

Class of 2019
President: Janessa White
Vice-President: Rebecca Korosec
Secretary: Nina Tomaselli
Treasurer: Morgan Nance
Moderator: Mrs. Hale Russell,

MISSION: The mission of the Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School Student Council is to provide student leadership for the social and service activities of the student body.

STRUCTURE: The student body is lead by the Executive Officers and the individual classes by Class Officer. Each have their own faculty moderator task to guide the planning and execution of student activities.

ACTIVITIES: While students activities can be anything the leadership create with approval, their are six major activities programmed each year: Homecoming Spirit Week, Powder-Puff Game, Homecoming Dance, three seasonal sports rallies, Deck the Halls, and Viking Olympics.

FUND RAISING: The executive level funds raised are used to support any school-wide activity, start-up funds for class fundraisers, and  teacher/staff appreciation gifts. Funds for the executive level are raised primarily through a 10% fee from any dress downs and the homecoming dance. The class level funds raised are to support the reduction of the price for their senior prom and to provide a school gift at baccalaureate. Each class has its dedicated fundraiser; seniors have the homecoming dance, juniors have Data Match and Candy Grams, and sophomores a Valentines Dance. All classes keep 80% of the funds collected for dress downs with 10% going to the executive level fund and 10% to the school's endowment fund, which is a requirement for all fundraising at VASJ..