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Adaptive PE

Assistive Technology

Response to Intervention - National Center for Progress Monitoring - CBM warehouse; intervention research - site for AIMSweb - site for DIBELS - Florida Center for Reading Research - ISPA direct link to RtI Information - NASP - Total RTI - RtI Action Network - behavior observation & assessment tools, problem-solving team forms, etc. - assessment and progress monitoring in reading and math through 8th grade


Low Cost/No Cost Technology Solutions

Early Literacy Sites  - basic literacy skills - fun stories for children to read online - stories to read online, including Beatrix Potter, Brothers’ Grimm fairy tales, and more

Assorted Free Digital Tools

Adapted Books  - Once on the website, search Boardmaker to find a selection of over 700 books made using Boardmaker. - free adapted books creates in Boardmaker, Clicker, Powerpoint, Braille, and more


Electronic Text Sites – 100s of books summarized – background, analysis, chapter summaries – 100s of books broken down into chapters – 1000s of free books as digital text or audio files – books in digital audio format and embossed Braille – audio books for MP3 players or Ipod – audio books for MP3 or Ipod – free books – digital books for those with proof of print disability – books to download for free


Writing – graphic organizers – prompts for specific books; six traits of writing


Math – popular textbooks with video presentations explaining contents of chapter – National Library of Virtual Math Manipulatives

Text to Speech - free plug-in for use with Microsoft Word which highlights text as it is read aloud; contains a talking spellchecker/thesaurus - converts documents into MPS files

iPhone, iPod, and iPad Apps

Communication Apps

                                                ABA Flash Cards:  In this set of 52 images, learn actions via text, photo, and real audio

ArtikPix:  iPad only; Flashcard and matching activities with 560 cards for articulation purposes

DAF Assistant:  Delayed auditory feedback and frequency shifting to help improve stuttering

Expressionist:  Cartoon drawings with 120 commonly used expressions in 7 categories and 1000+ nouns

Going Places – Social Stories:  Contains video and audio social stories about going to different places

iCommunicate:  Pre-loaded pictures and storyboards/routines facilitate language comprehension

iConverse:  AAC tool to express 6 different icons representing basic needs:  food, drink, sick, bathroom, help, break

In My Dreams:  Learn reading, matching, sign language skills via animations paired with text and recorded audio

iPrompts:  Visual prompting tool containing original artwork for schedules, a timer, choice prompts, and a library

iSpeak Spanish:  Uses high quality text to speech to translate English to Spanish and Spanish to English

iSpeech:  List of sounds for developmental ages 3 to 7+, and explanations for forming and teaching the sounds

Proloquo2Go:  Full AAC dynamic display solution with over 7000 symbols, natural sounding voices, and more

TapSpeak Button:  Allows you to record messages that the person plays back by touching red buttons on the display (like a Big Mack)


Sign Language Apps

ASL Signs:  Can arrange alphabetically or by categories

American Sign Language:  Over 11,000 vocabulary items in an interactive sign dictionary

Sign 4 Me:  With more than 11,500 words in the library, you can learn signed English from a 3D avatar

Signing Time:  Contains videos with audio of various signs, flashcards, and challenges


Data Collection Apps

Behavior Tracker Pro:  Allows you to record the components of ABC data collection and then analyze the data

Percentally:  A tally counter for collecting data with notes


Reading  Apps

ABC Tracer:  Alphabet flashcards

Audiobooks:  100s of classic books

Build a Word:  Make letters into a word

Chicktionary:  Using timed or untimed mode, use letters to create words and get the word definition

Children’s Classics:  Auto scrolling books

See Read Say:  Includes all 220 Dolch Words spoken at the push of a button and individual tracked progress

Speakionary:  Talking dictionary

Stanza:  50,000 free books

StoryKit:  Easy program to create your own stories by adding in photos, text, and speech


Math Apps

Cloud Math:  Practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing with a timer

DiaMath:  Algebra learning tool

Flash Math:  Math flash cards

Freddy Fraction:  Use Freddy, an alien, to determine equivalence among fractions, decimals, and percents

Math Magic:  Includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, takes data and has graphics

Money – Learn to Count:  Customize the values of money, then select the correct value that corresponds to bills and coins pictured

Multiplication: Includes quiz component that takes data

Pocket Change: Times adding activity using graphics of actual coins



Social Work      Illinois Association of School Social Workers    University of Illinois


Speech Therapy


School Psychology

Special Education Teacher

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