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Getting Started

When you first log in you will view the “Step 1: Plan” tab. On the left side of the screen, first select the legislative body from the drop down list. Your choices are Congressional, State Senate, or State House.  After you select your legislative body there are four options for opening a map.  You can select a template to edit, a shared map someone has already drawn, reopen a plan that you’ve previously worked on, or upload a plan from a data file. 


After clicking on one of these four options, select the map you want from those shown under “Step 3” in the middle of the screen.  For example, if you choose “Template” you need to click on the template you would like and then click “Request Plan” on the right side of the screen.  The template will download as a zipped file. 


You can then name your plan and add a description.  Any map you work on automatically saves. There is no need to click on anything to save it.  After you have set this up you can click on “start drawing” on the bottom right of your screen to move to the second tab.

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