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Evaluate Your Plan

Once you have drawn the districts on your map, you can evaluate your plan by clicking on the Evaluate tab. 

  Evaluating your plan helps you know if you are meeting the competition requirements such as, fairness, competitiveness, and respect for political boundaries. 


The Evaluate: Step 3 tab allows you to generate a report on the map you have just drawn.  Click each piece of information you would like to see on your report and then click on “Create and Preview Report” in the bottom left hand corner.  After a minute or two your report will appear as a “Plan Analysis” on the right hand side.  You can print this report.  After you have evaluated your plan you may share it.  You can click on “Share Plan Options”

in the lower right hand corner or the Step 4: Share tap at the top center of the screen. 


Partisanship and Fairness

To see information on these requirements, you have to run a report. 

Continue to Share Your Plan