Van Vogelpoel Family

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It’s difficult to find out exactly when the van Vogelpoel family first took root.  However, one can look at the records and see that there are van Vogelpoels in Wijk bij Duurstede, The Netherlands in the 1500’s.  From “The Loans of the Homestead of Abcoude 1270-1664” one can find out that Jan Christiaanzn van Vogelpoel married an Aaltje Jansdr van Leerdam on the 22nd of April 1596.  Jan’s father was Christiaan Cornelisz and his father was Cornelis van Vogelpoel, born roughly 1510.


From the archives in Utrecht we see that there is an even earlier mention:  proof of ownership of about an acre of land by the College of Clergymen (Kapittel) at Vogelpoel in the year 1342.  


rooms-katholiek (rk): domkapittel

1773  Eigendomsbewijs van een half morgen land te Vogelpoel

Datering: 1342 mei 15

Omvang :  1 charter

Vindplaats:  Het Utrechts Archief


From the book Kastelen en Ridderhofsteden in Utrecht, 1995, (Castles and Noble Homesteads in Utrecht), we find that there was a castle Vogelpoel situated along the Wijkersloot at Wijk bij Duurstede.  This castle does not exist anymore, however, there is an old farm with the name “de Vogelpoel” above the gate.  The farm still has the original moat, one of the few remaining moated farms.  The present farm is not open to the public. 



Aerial view of the farm with moat.             
Road with cars is de Wijkersloot








 Van Vogelpoel Farm with tower.








The current day van Vogelpoels descend from Jan Corsen van Vogelpoel, born in Wijk bij Duurstede in 1666.  He first married Aeltien Cornelisdochter van Wijkersloot but she died about the time of their only son.  Jan Corsen then married Dirckie Jans with whom he had 7 children.   No connection has been established between the van Vogelpoel family and the Vogelpoel family as of 2008 but it’s possible some connection may be found upon further research.


Some notable van Vogelpoels include the architect Gerardus van Vogelpoel, (1809-1884) who built the Roman Catholic Church dedicated to St. Barnabas.  This church is located in the former Haasdrecht, now known as Vlist and was built between 1852-1854.  His son, the architect Wilhelmus Jacobus van Vogelpoel (1837-1903) designed the church in the community of Rijnwoude, which is still standing today.  It is built in the new gothic style and is called a “scheepjeskerk”. 

Theodorus Gerardus van Vogelpoel was in the Dutch Medical Service, then became a teacher and later director of STOVIA (School tot Opleiding van Inlandsche Artsen), aTraining School for Doctors in the Dutch East Indies.  He went on to become the First Secretary of the Netherlands National Bureau for Anthropology.

Johan Frederik Reinier van Vogelpoel was a major in the Dutch army and later went on to write two books about the history of the Dutch army after the Second World War.


Theodorus G. van  Vogelpoel

Johan F. R. van Vogelpoel     

   St. Barnabas Church  

   Architect was Gerardus van Vogelpoel                                  



Present day van Vogelpoels can be found in The Netherlands (mostly in Utrecht), in the USA, (California, Florida, and Oregon), and in Australia.