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Village House

The village was one of the largest settlements in the West during the fur trade era. The people that lived in the houses went to work in the fort or nearby company during day and returned home at night or sometimes in the morning. People living in the village would be in the working class while the higher class employees would live inside the fort. Some of the jobs included working in the blacksmith's shop, carpenter's shop, or the bakery.  

The buildings were typically made out of fir wood or other soft woods. There were 50 buildings in the village and out of the 50, 30 of them were used as village houses. The houses were pretty robust but weren’t built to last decades. Most of the people got their food from hunting or fishing. The employees got some rations of their resources from the Hudson's Bay Company but there family did not. During the day the children would go to school and help out with chores during the evening. As the children got older they learned how to trade and hunt like their parents.

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