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Fur Store & Baling Room

        Did you know that the Fur Store had to store more than 60,000 furs? This is the fur store, which was rebuilt in 1995. Originally, Fort Vancouver was founded between 1824 and 1825 as a fur trade post and supply depot. Around a hundred people passed through daily for the furs, especially for beaver furs. The furs could be used for clothing, hats, blankets, pillows and trading with the Indians or in the store. Many fur trappers and traders went through the Fort. With one beaver pelt, you could trade for a blanket, two powder horns, 40 loads of gun powder, two dozen gun flints, four knives, two dozen pipes, three 1lb. twists of tobacco, 6lb. of soap, one pair of pants and two shirts! With four beaver pelts it was possible to trade for a fully armed musket.

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