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        The Bakehouse is located next to the well which is located in the NE corner.  The bakehouse used to bake food, for example bread and sea biscuits. They cooked them in large round ovens and let them sit for a hour. They had two ovens so when something was baking in one, they would bake something in another. They had fire’s cooking the food and there were two parts to the oven, so they had the fire on the bottom and the top. And when the bricks were hot and good, the fire was removed and the bread or the biscuits were put in. The also had an upstairs, but it was for preparing the dough, storage, and for baker’s to sleep. They would also bake biscuits and send them with the sailors on their way back to Britain. They had to make the biscuits so that they could last a long time. They made sure that they got all of the moisture out.

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