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Wine Bottle - Matthew

This artifact is a wine bottle. It is 11 inches tall and 3 in diameter. The wine bottle is made out of dark green glass, it is heavy, the bottle is 1 piece. On the outside bottle there is a embossed circular seal with a impressed sun, “Xeres”, and a grape vine on it. The circular seal is a separate piece that was put onto the bottle. The wine bottle was used for storing wine and possibly any other liquid once the bottle was empty. The wine bottle could be meaningful to the owner because it could of been something that they worked for to get. The archaeological themes of the wine bottle are Health/ Medicine/ Diet because wine could be part of a diet and the wine bottle is part of that. Childhood/ Adulthood because a wine bottle usually something an adult would have. Socio-economics/ class theme because people with less money or people in a lower class might not have a wine bottle. Globalization/ Trade because the wine bottle is originally from England.

Wine Bottle - Matthew by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab