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Whetstone - Jackson

This artifact is a whetstone. It sharpens things like cutlery and weapons, and it looks like a long oval. It feels smooth and it is about 9 inches  long, 1¼ inches in width, and is ½ inch in thickness . It is made out of only stone. It also is a greenish brownish color and is pretty light, it was made around the times of 1829-1860 and is in a good condition it isn't too fragile and still can be used to sharpen things. The owner could be a blacksmith because a blacksmith would use it to sharpen the new weapons they made like swords and knives. Or it could be used by a person who cooked because a person who cooks would use it for sharpening their knives for chopping food. It demonstrates the technology at the time because it shows that they needed to sharpen items by hand and they didn't have another way to sharpen their weapons and cutlery at the time. It shows childhood vs. adulthood because most likely a child would not have a need to sharpen weapons or cutlery. Finally it shows class because at the time this whetstone had cost money so if they were poor they wouldn't want spend their money on a whetstone.

Whetstone - Jackson by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab