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Waistcoat Button - Luke

This artifact is a waistcoat button. It’s used as a button for dressing, specifically for men because men were the ones who usually wore buttons. The button has a flat small circle as a base. Above the base it’s a hemisphere. The hemisphere has spirals one being white and blue striped and the other being a solid gold stripe. In between those two stripes there is a white stripe. The base is a beige with two small holes. The texture is very smooth, and the object itself very light. The buttons originated and were made in England. The button was for waistcoats as you could probably guess by the name. The buttons were used for dressing formally. The people who wore these buttons were probably gentlemen of Fort Vancouver. People most likely wore these buttons on formal occasions because that’s when people try to dress their best. The people who dressed formally were of a higher class of those who didn’t so the button probably belonged to someone of a higher class. It is very likely it belonged to an adult considering adults dress formally more than children. Buttons are an example of technology because it’s a tool that humans have made and used for different tasks such as buttoning up your shirt. 

Waistcoat Button - Luke by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab