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Transferprint Saucer - Treyson

It's round and nearly flat  but curved on the top and is smooth its moderately light and is broken with missing pieces and is about 6 in long and there are red flowers decorating it along and its main color is a peachish color. It seems like its was used in a dining room or a kitchen.It seems it's from a time like AT least the time before it was thrown out or broke at fort Vancouver. I think that chefs or servants and wife and men used it for it could be used to contain food along with eating from it. Probably for containing food and spices or sugars. They would have the foods or spices on the table. They needed to put the food on something. It has been used a lot but then was thrown out was damaged in the time it was used. 

Transferprint Saucer - Treyson by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab