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Transferprint Saucer - Jesse

This artifact is a saucer that is made of pottery found at Fort Vancouver. It is a circular shape and is colored white with blue art. The saucer is smooth, although it is cracked and has one hole in the bottom and one hole in the side. Saucers were used to put cups of tea on because they could burn tablecloth. This artifacts owner was likely one of the Chief Factor’s at the Fort. It was likely meaningful to the owner because these types of pottery was expensive in the 1800’s. This artifact shows archaeological themes of Technological Change, Class and Trade. This artifact shows technology change because dishes like these are mass-produced these days and are very easy to make so they are not costly. Although in the 1800s, dishes like these were costly and people with more money were the people who had them. This is why it also shows Class. In addition, this artifact shows trading because these types of dishes could not be made at Fort Vancouver. Instead, people at Fort Vancouver imported them from London.

Transferprint Saucer - Jesse by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab