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Transferprint Saucer - Ivan

This artifact is a transfer print  saucer that was found at Fort Vancouver. It is made of ceremic, and has a transfer print design. It was used from around 1829-1860.  The artifact was used as a fancy decoration and/or as a formal dinner saucer. This unique saucer is a very important artifact because it shows how different classes of people used different quality things. The transfer print shows how skilled the potterers who made this saucer were. This exact artifact was made in Great Britain and then was shipped over to the fort later on. Because of this, I chose Globalization / Trade as one of the archeological themes. Another theme I chose is the Cultural Expression / Art / Music theme. The reason i chose that exact theme is because of the unique transfer print designs. Back in the times that this saucer was made, transfer print designs were very hard to create. A transfer print design is virtually just transfering paint and/or designs onto ceramics by paper or an steel plate. This is a very unique item because of such clear preservations of the unexampled type of transfer print.

Transfer Print Saucer - Ivan by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab