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Transferprint Saucer - Connor

What you are currently looking at is a saucer. This is an artifact that comes straight from Fort Vancouver located in Vancouver, Washington. The artifact is made up of ceramic material & varying tints of black & white paint. The entire artifact is shaped like a cylinder. The artifact has a major indentation in the middle of itself. Additionally, the sides around this indentation are sloping inwards towards it. The diameter of the artifact is 5 (and a) ½ inches. The outside of the artifact is entirely white and the inner very top of the indentation is painted black all around. The interior of this artifact has an undetermined pattern painted on it in black. The pattern contains large blooming flowers along with vines connected to their corresponding flowers. There are also tinier flowers with corresponding tinier vines. Leaves are even attached to all of the differently sized vines. The artifact was used & created in a time period between 1829 to 1860. This saucer was used to hold a singular cup. I chose technology as a theme because this object signifies that they had advanced their technology enough in order to create cutlery from ceramic material, like a saucer. I chose diet as a theme because you need to consume water in your everyday diet to survive and sustain your body. I chose Identity as a theme because this object could be used to identify someone or identify somebody as a higher-class individual at that time, due to the fact I know that this is a very expensive piece of cutlery. 

Transferprint Saucer - Connor by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab