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Trade Axe Head - Broc

This artifact is an axe head, an axe head is made out of metal and iron. This axe head is bumpy around the edges and smooth at the front. There is a hole at the back of the axe head where the handle would go to hold the axe itself. This axe was used to make axes which were used to cut down trees. Some people might have used an axe to protect themselves. Others such as traders used an axe to trade for beaver pelt. An axe has a lot of meanings, the most common is to cut down trees or te collect wood. Some other meanings an axe has is, protecting yourself, someone or something, and trading for something you or someone else needs. An axe has some archaeological themes like Technology / Technology Change. An axe has changed from us using an anvil to a computer and coding to make an axe, every axe is different no axe is the same, this applies to axe in the 1800’s and the axes now days. An axe from the 1800’s had a hole in the axe head, now the hole could be in the wood. Another archaeological theme is, Human Effect on the Environment. This relates to an axe because, with an axe you cut down trees. Another theme is Defense / Protection, with an axe you are able to protect yourself and others from harm of an animal or another person. The last Theme is Globalization / Trade, this relates to an axe because, people would trade an axe for beaver pelt.

Trade Axe Head - Broc by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab