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Toy Axe - Jakob

There is only one part and that is the axe head itself. The reason is probably that the wood had rotted away by the time of discovery. This is made of wrought iron and is a cold rough material. This piece is decently heavy for its size because it is wrought iron. This axe looks used, it would be easier to tell if the handle was still there. The back is a ring, which is where the head would be mounted to the handle. The blade itself comes to a sharp edge at the end, making the blade. The head is about 60 mm long, 29.5 mm wide, and 16 mm tall. It was used by children, as it would be too small for adults to use. This can be very important to a child as it could have been a gift or just a precious belonging. Many themes including Identity, Art, Trade, Gender, Age, and Technology are incorporated with this artifact. It is the art of a blacksmith, and was usually traded. At the time, depending on who had these axes could determine age, identity, and gender. This shows the age of technology at the time, which was blacksmithing.

Toy Axe - Jakob by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab