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Thimble - Isaac

This artifact is a thimble. A thimble is something you put over your thumb that protects it from being poked by a needle while sewing. They are usually made of metal. Now while they’re are tons of these in the world, my thimble was different. I say this because it was a different color than most I’ve seen. To be specific it was a darker gold. It also had two other holes. One in the top, and one on the side. Not only that but it also had signs of deterioration. For example the bottom part looks like the metal had been ripped away leaving tiny metal spikes. The archaeological themes that I chose for this artifacts are as follows: Technology/Technological Change; Defense/Protection;Identity. My reason for picking these are simple. The reason I picked the Technology/Technological Change theme because the thimble is a fairly simple technology yet they are still used to this very day. It shows how important this technology is and how little the technology has changed. The reason I chose Defense/Protection is because that is the main purpose of the thimble. To protect your finger from being stabbed by a needle. The reason I chose the Identity theme is because it says things about the owner. The first one being that they needed this to sew, so they sew. That gives us an idea of identity. The hole in the thimble also tells us that the person might’ve worn it as a necklace, or just got stabbed in the same spot so often that it left holes in the thimble. Again giving us more of an idea of who's it was. 

Thimble - Isaac by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab